National Research Council (CNCS)

The National Research Council (CNCS) is a Romanian organisation that supports fundamental research in all fields of science. The research supported by CNCS is selected through competitive, merit-based review. CNCS is a consultative body of the Minister of Education and Science, all 19 members being appointed by the Minister.

To promote and stimulate excellence in scientific research in Romania

CNCS together with its executive agency (Executive Agency for Higher Education Research and Innovation Funding) have the following prerogatives (March 2011 – April 2013):

  • coordination of the  National Plan for Research, Development and Innovation Programs:


  • administration, planning, monitoring, budgeting and day-to-day operations for the Programs


  • cooperation with other similar national or international councils in the administration reasearch programme field or reasearch evaluation process according to the Ministry delegation


21-25 Mendeleev Street, Sector 1, Code 010362, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40 21 302 38 50; Fax: +40 21 311 59 92.